Thursday, November 7, 2019

Te Hiku Manaiakalani Outreach 2 First Movie Festival

This year has been our first Te Hiku Movie Festival, the movies have been played on the big screen at the Te Ahu Cinema in Kaitaia on Thursday 7 November. This is one of the lucky movies to be chosen from our school. Congratulations to everyone involved in the production of this movie. Please enjoy and feel free to leave a comment below for the students.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Amazing 🤗, Scary 😯 and Relaxing😴

Welcome to Term 4!
This morning I asked the Tui Team to share something amazing, something scary and something relaxing they did in their holiday.
This was a great way to recap our break with our class - I have to say there were some responses I did not expect! I actually thought some kids were playing a trick on me... bungy jumping and sky diving..really!? 
After thinking, then sharing, the children blogged about their responses.  Check out their individual blogs for some amazing holiday recaps😊

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Tui have Green Fingers

A few terms ago the big trees at the front of our school had to be cut down to make way for a new bus area.  These trees were established and huge meaning they gave us shade on the field.
Mrs Cutler organised for some new plants to be purchased and on Marcellin Day - the day we give service to the parish and community - Tui class were set to get planting.
We were so excited! We had spades, gloves and buckets.  We were ready!
Then...... when Mrs Cutler dug the first hole, it was like she'd hit concrete.  Pan. A layer of solid soil! Even if she'd been able to dig a big enough hole the pan was so solid the plants roots would never have been able to get through it.
So, feeling a bit down, we had to come up with a Plan B.
After a while we had help from some Dad's who came to school over the weekend with an auger.  They dug the holes in the places Mrs Cutler had marked. 
Yesterday, we all went out again and this time we were successful in our service! The native plants, flaxes and trees are in the ground.  We took turns planting and delivering mulch. The Tui kids set up a human chain to pass buckets of mulch and plants along. 
We planted around 60 plants in about an hour. 
Once the plants grow we'll have shade, a place to build huts and flowers for the bees.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Fair and Equal

It is Social Justice Week this week and we have been learning about being FAIR and being EQUAL.
We discussed what we thought each of these words meant.  Tui thought that the words basically meant the same thing.

Each child was given an 'ailment'.  The ailments ranged from a ache, a cough or sore tummy to a broken leg or cut head.  The children had to discuss who was worse off.

After this discussion the children came to the 'Doctor' for treatment.  Each child was given a piece of paper that they were not allowed to look at until everyone had seen the 'Doctor'.  The treatments were revealed..... everyone received a band-aid!  There was much discussion about this!

"How will a band-aid fix my runny nose?"
"A band-aid isn't going to help my broken leg!"
"Yay! I need a band-aid for the cut on my hand!"

We discussed this further as a class.  Was receiving a band-aid fair? or equal?
The penny dropped and the difference between fair and equal was clear!

Fair is when everyone gets what they need or deserve
Equal is when everyone gets the same regardless of need.

Check out the Tui Class individual blogs to see more!

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Lick, Lick, YUCK, YUCK!!

Today for Mahi Tahi the task was to collaborate and communicate .... while being blindfolded and tasting foods! The person blindfolded had to taste the food and describe what it was to their buddy.  
There were some interesting faces with some of the foods!
There was lime juice, golden syrup, baking soda, chilli sauce, icing sugar, rice bubbles, marmite, caper, salt, mustard and cocoa powder.  

Everyone had a turn at tasting and describing.  The children were pushed outside of their comfort zone! 

What would you have liked to have tasted??

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

🌏 Google Earth 🌏

Following on from our landmark learning - today Tui had a go on Google Earth!
It was so fun looking at the landmarks we have been learning about and seeing it in "real" life! 

We had great discussions and people shared information about the landmark they researched. While we were looking at the Eiffel Tower, Lily told us that there are two elevators in the 'legs' of the tower.  Raidon shared that the Taj Mahal is referred to as the worlds biggest onion.  Looking at the Pyramids of Giza started lots of chat around how the pyramids were built so large and accurately and without technology or machinery!  We talked about pharaohs, mummies and tomb raiders.  

After we looked at the landmarks we knew about we brainstormed other places in the world we might like to look at on Google Earth.  From here, Tui kids went and had a look at Google Earth themselves.  They had a play with the different tools and looked at other places like the Great Wall of China, Times Square, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.
We are opening our eyes to the big wide world and thinking about the places we might like to see in person one day 😀

Check out the Tui kids individual blogs to read about the places they looked at on Google Earth.

What in the world would you like to see? 🌏

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

World Famous

This week one of the literacy contract activities was for the Tui kids to pick a world famous landmark and create an information poster. 

There was the Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, Leaning tower of Pisa, Statue of Liberty, Colosseum, Pyramids of Giza, Sydney Opera House and the Taj Mahal.  The children were challenged to pick a landmark that they didn't already know a lot about.

We needed to research our landmark, asking questions about it that start with Who? What? Why? Where? When? Which? and How?.
Together we created some success criteria for our posters. 
Tui decided that the posters needed:

  • facts (not opinions) 
  • history of the landmark 
  • Picture/images
  • Visually appealing to catch the readers interest
Everyone decided that they would like to create a digital poster, so we set up a shared slide doc.  Everyone took a slide for their poster.  Check out the individual blogs for more later in the week!